To illustrate the depth one can access in our collections, we have compiled relevant archival imagery to frame a diverse cultural, political and chronological retrospective of noteworthy anniversaries. Be sure to bookmark this section as the calendar is a work in progress and will continue to expand.

1197242ndNorth Vietnam launches an offensive to hurt Nixon's reelection chances
1198727thPres. Reagan announces that AIDS is "public health enemy No.1"
21792222ndCongress passes the Coinage Act, founding the U.S. Mint
21872142ndSamuel F. B. Morse, U.S. inventor, dies
21877137thFirst White House Easter Egg Roll, under Rutherford Hayes
2191797thJeannette Rankin sworn in as first woman in the U.S. House of Representatives
2191797thPresident Wilson asks Congress to declare war against Germany
31837177thJohn Burroughs, U.S. nature writer, is born
31882132ndJesse James, notorious bank robber, dies, shot in back
3192292ndJoseph Stalin named general secretary of the Communist Party in the USSR
41812202ndPresident Madison slaps an embargo on Great Britain
4196747thDr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaks against the Vietnam War, linking Civil Rights and pacifism
51792222ndGeorge Washington casts the first presidential veto (against apportioning representatives among states)
51827187thJames Hackett becomes the first U.S. actor to appear abroad - at Covent Garden
51862152ndThe Siege of Yorktown, Virginia, begins
61862152ndBattle of Shiloh begins in Tennessee
6191797thU.S. enters World War I, declaring war on Germany
6194767thHenry Ford, early car manufacturer, dies
81892122ndMary Pickford, Academy-Award-winning actress, is born Gladys Smith
8194272ndWar Production Board orders a halt to all production not necessary to WWII
8195262ndPres. Truman takes control of the steel mills in Youngstown, Ohio
91682332ndFrench explorer Robert la Salle reaches the lower Mississippi River
9194272ndU.S. surrenders the Philippine island of Luzon to Japan
101847167thJoseph Pulitzer, publisher and newspaperman, is born in Hungary
101912102ndThe RMS Titanic sets sail from Southhampton, England, on its ill-fated voyage
10193282ndAdolf Hitler comes in second to German president von Hindenburg in national elections
11196252ndJFK angrily criticizes steel industry for jacking up prices
11197242ndU.S. B-52s begin bombing North Vietnam
11197242ndCharlie Chaplin receives an Oscar at the Academy Awards
121777237thHenry Clay, U.S. senator and statesman, born
121862152ndFort Pulaski, GA, falls to the Federals after two days of bombardment
121877137thThe catcher's mask first used in baseball
12193777thU.S. Supreme Court upholds National Labor Relations Act, protecting workers' rights
131777237thBritish attack the Continental Army at Bound Brook, New Jersey
131852162ndF.W. Woolworth, merchant who founded a chain of stores, born.
141912102ndThe British RMS Titanic hits an iceberg in the North Atlantic
151912102ndThe "unsinkable" RMS Titanic sinks and about 1,500 passengers and crew drown
15194767thJackie Robinson becomes baseball's first black major-league player
161862152ndPres. Lincoln abolishes slavery in the District of Columbia
161867147thWilbur Wright, aviator and inventor, born
16191797thVladimir Lenin returns to St. Petersburg to take control of the Russian Revolution
171492522ndChristopher Columbus signs a contract to seek a new route to the Indies
171837177thJohn Pierpont Morgan, industrialist and financier, born
181857157thClarence Darrow, attorney and champion of the underdog, born
18191797thLeon Trotsky calls for the overthrow of Joseph Stalin
191782232ndThe Netherlands officially recognizes the U.S. as a nation
191882132ndCharles Darwin, British scientist, dies
201777237thNew York adopts a state constitution
201902112ndMarie and Pierre Curie isolate radium
201792222ndFrance declares war on Austria and the French Revolutionary Wars begin
211777237thThe British attack Danbury, CT, and go on a rampage, nearly destroying the town
22197242ndAntiwar demonstrations coordinated across America protest U.S. bombings of Vietnam
231867147thThe Zoetrope, forerunner of the motion picture projector, patented
23199222ndSmithsonian Museum acquires the Miller racing car for display
241792222ndFrance's national anthem, "La Marseillaise," is composed by Claude Rouget de Lisle
241862152ndUnion Admiral David Farragut leads a flotilla past two Confederate forts
24196747thGen. Westmoreland asserts the U.S. antiwar movement is encouraging North Vietnam
251792222ndThe guillotine is first used, in Paris
251862152ndThe Fall of New Orleans
261607407thCaptain John Smith and a group of British colonists go ashore at Cape Henry, Virginia
261822192ndFrederick Law Olmsted, landscape architect who designed NY's Central Park, born
271667347thJohn Milton sells the copyright to his famous epic, "Paradise Lost."
271822192ndUlysses S. Grant, Civil War general and 18th U.S. president, is born
28195262ndGen. Eisenhower resigns as supreme commander of U.S. armed forces
291862152ndThe Union Army occupies New Orleans
30191797thThe U.S. begins massive enlistment for World War I
30194767thPresident Harry Truman changes the name of Boulder Dam to Hoover Dam