To illustrate the depth one can access in our collections, we have compiled relevant archival imagery to frame a diverse cultural, political and chronological retrospective of noteworthy anniversaries. Be sure to bookmark this section as the calendar is a work in progress and will continue to expand.

11807208thAaron Burr acquitted on charges of treason for conspiring to create a new American republic.
11862153rdAt Second Bull Run, Confederates Lee and Jackson triumph when Union Gen. Pope withdraws from Chantilly.
11862153rdMajor General Philip Kearny, one of the most promising Union commanders, dies in battle at Chantilly, at age 48.
11862153rdUnion Major General and politician Isaac Ingalls Stevens, one of the U.S. Army's most promising leaders, dies in battle at Chantilly.
21837178thJames H. Wilson, a major general only 5 years after graduating West Point and officer who managed to rout Nathan Forrest, born.
21862153rdAn unhappy Lincoln restores McClellan to full command after John Pope's disastrous failure at Second Bull Run.
21862153rdUnion Brigadier General Thornton Brodhead, lawyer and politician, dies at age 40, mortally wounded at 2nd Bull Run.
31777238thThe "Stars and Stripes" flag flies in battle for the first time, at Cooch's Bridge, Maryland, during the Revolutionary War.
3193778thOrson Welles directs, produces and stars in "Les Miserables," based on the novel by Victor Hugo.
31902113rdSarah Orne Jewett, popular 19th-century novelist, is thrown from a carriage in an accident that ends her writing career.
41807208thRobert Fulton begins the first commercial steamboat service, charging $7 for a ticket from New York City to Albany.
41862153rdRobert E. Lee's Confederate Army begins the Antietam Campaign by invading the North at Maryland.
4195758thArkansas Gov. Orval Faubus sends federal troops to block 9 black students from entering Little Rock's Central High School.
51842173rdJesse James, Confederate soldier, outlaw, and bank robber, is born.
51877138thCrazy Horse, a Dakota chief, is killed while in jail, by a U.S. soldier.
51882133rdFirst Labor Day parade, called "The Grand Demonstration of Working Men," is held in New York City, with 10,000 workers.
61757258thThe Marquis de LaFayette, French statesman who helped Washington during the American Revolution, born today.
61837178thOberlin College, first U.S. college to accept both male and female students, opens in Oberlin, Ohio.
61847168thWriter and naturalist Henry David Thoreau leaves Walden Pond and returns to the home of his mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson.
7192788thThe first use of a television is demonstrated in San Francisco by Philo Farnsworth.
81847168thLed by Winfield Scott and William Worth, the U.S. triumphs at the Battle of Molino del Rey, during the Mexican War.
91862153rdLee issues the daring Special Order 191, splitting his Confederate Army, and sends William Jackson to capture Harpers Ferry.
101847168thHawaii's first theater, The Thespian, a renovated adobe building, opens in Honolulu, with performances by local amateurs.
101897118thNineteen unarmed coal miners are killed when police open fire on strikers in the "Latimer Massacre," in Latimer, PA.
10197738thThe guillotine falls for the last time when convicted murderer Hamida Djandoubi is executed in France.
111777238thGen. George Washington is defeated by British Gen. William Howe at the Battle of Brandywine.
111897118thStrike by 75,000 coal miners from PA, OH, and WV concludes after 10 weeks, winning 8-hour days and the end of company stores.
121812203rdThe U.S. inventor and industrialist who built the first successful rotary print press is born, Richard March Hoe.
121862153rdDuring the Antietam Campaign, the battle for Harpers Ferry begins when William Jackson and 6 divisions converge on Harpers Ferry.
131847168thU.S. Gen. Winfield Scott storms the Chapultepec fortress in Mexico, during the Mexican War.
131862153rdUnion troops at Frederick, Maryland, find a copy of Lee's plan wrapped around a cigar pack.
131862153rdMcClellan has a unique opportunity when he learns of Lee's plan to invade Maryland, but Halleck convinces him Lee has set a trap.
131862153rdLee learns McClellan knows his plan and sends Longstreet to support Gen. Daniel Harvey Hill.
141847168thGen. Winfield Scott, Chief of the U.S. Army, takes control of Mexico City.
141862153rdAt the Battles of South Mountain and Crampton's Gap, Maryland, Union troops overwhelm the Confederates.
141862153rdConfederate General Samuel Garland is mortally wounded at Fox's Gap, Maryland.
151857158thWilliam Howard Taft, 26th U.S. president and chief justice of the Supreme Court, is born.
151862153rdThe Confederates capture Harpers Ferry, MD, when Halleck foolishly orders the Union Army to hold its position.
15196253rdThe Soviet vessel "Poltava" travels to Cuba with Soviet missiles.
161782233rdPresident George Washington first uses the Great Seal of the United States on a document.
161832183rdConfederate Gen. George Washington Custis Lee, oldest son of Robert E. Lee and great grandson of George Washington, is born.
161892123rdThe Fifth Annual Convention of the National Republican League is held at Buffalo, NY.
171787228thThe completed U.S. Constitution is signed by a majority of the Constitutional Convention delegates.
171862153rdThe bloodiest day in U.S. military history, the Battle of Antietam, took the lives of more than 23,000 soldiers.
17194273rdBritish Prime Minister Winston Churchill meets with Soviet Premier Josef Stalin in Moscow, as Stalingrad is attacked by Germany.
17195758thJazz musician Louis Armstrong cancels his U.S. sponsored trip to Russia due to U.S. indifference to violence in Little Rock.
181862153rdConfederate generals Jackson and Longstreet convince Robert E. Lee to retreat from Antietam.
181862153rdGeorge McClellan, his Union troops too crippled to renew an attack, allows Lee to retreat from Antietam.
18194768thThe Air Force becomes a separate branch of the military when the National Security Act is passed.
191777238thGenerals Lincoln and Arnold yield the field but inflict heavy casualties at the Battle of Freeman's Farm, the first Battle of Saratoga.
191777238thThe Continental Congress flees the U.S. capital, Philadelphia, as the British approach.
191827188thJim Bowie stabs a Louisiana banker with the famous knife invented by his brother, Rezin Bowie.
191862153rdAt the Battle of Iuka, Grant, Rosecrans and Ord thwart Bragg, Price and Van Dorn, when Price strikes prematurely.
201777238thThe British conduct a surprise attack on colonists, known as the Paoli Massacre, during the Revolutionary War.
20192788thNew York Yankee player Babe Ruth hits his record-setting 60th home run of the season.
20193283rdMohandas K. Gandhi begins a hunger strike to protest the treatment of untouchables in India.
211832183rdWalter Scott, Scottish novelist and poet who wrote "The Lady of the Lake," dies.
211897118thThe New York "Evening Sun" publishes a famous editorial entitled "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus."
21192293rdPres. Warren Harding signs a joint resolution to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine, approving the Balfour Declaration.
221692323rdAt the close of the Salem Witchcraft Trials, Mary Towne is the last of eight people hanged for witchcraft.
221817198thJohn Quincy Adams becomes Secretary of State under President Monroe.
221862153rdAfter the Antietam tragedy, Lincoln issues a preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, to free all slaves owned by Southerners.
231642373rdHarvard College holds its first commencement.
231862153rdRussian novelist Count Leo Tolstoy marries Sophie Andreyevna Behrs, who later copied "War and Peace" seven times for him.
23195263rdRichard Nixon, Republican vice presidential candidate, gives his "Checkers" speech, refuting charges of improper campaign finances.
241742273rdFaneuil Hall, built by John Smibert and funded by wealthy Peter Faneuil, opens in Boston.
241827188thHenry W. Slocum, who made major general after one year in the Union Army, becoming the second youngest major general, born.
241862153rdThe Confederate States of America's Congress adopts the Confederate seal.
24195758thPres. Eisenhower orders U.S. troops to desegregate Little Rock Schools, telling the nation "Mob rule cannot be allowed."
251847168thGen. Zachary Taylor's troops capture Monterey, Mexico, after four days of fighting.
251867148thThe first all-black university in America, Howard University in Washington, DC, is created by the U.S. Congress.
25193778thGerman Chancellor Adolf Hitler holds a meeting with Italian Premier Benito Mussolini in Munich.
25195758thNine black children are escorted to Little Rock Central High school by U.S. Army troops.
261777238thCornwallis's British troops occupy Philadelphia because Howe had recently defeated Washington and the capital was undefended.
26193778thGreat blues singer Bessie Smith dies needlessly after a car accident because emergency care is denied to African Americans.
26197243rdEmperor Hirohito meets with Richard Nixon in Alaska, at the first meeting of a Japanese monarch with a U.S. president.
271722293rdSamuel Adams, American revolutionary, politician, and brewer, is born.
271871144thFormer Confederate General James Clanton, who fought in the U.S. Army during the Mexican War, is killed.
27192788thFranklin Roosevelt arrives in Warm Springs, Georgia, for warm water treatment of his polio in the town that became his second home.
281787228thCongress orders that copies of the U.S. Constitution be submitted to each state for ratification
281912103rdMusician William Christopher Handy publishes the first blues song, his "Memphis Blues," introducing his 12-bar blues to America.
28193283rdWith Babe Ruth pitching, the New York Yankees win the World Series by beating the Red Sox.
291547468thMiguel de Cervantes, Spanish writer and author of "Don Quixote," novel of the Man of La Mancha, born.
291867148thSterling Price, Confederate general and Missouri governor, dies after a self-imposed exile in Mexico.
291902113rdDavid Belasco, actor and silent film writer, director and producer, opens the first Belasco Theater, near Times Square in New York.
301827188thEllis H. Roberts, U.S. journalist, politician, cabinet member and financier, born.
30192788thBabe Ruth hits his 60th home run of the season, a major league record until 1961.
30194273rdAdmiral Nimitz's B-17 plane gets lost on way to Guadalcanal and the crew uses a "National Geographic" map to find the island.
30196253rdCesar Chavez, Mexican-American labor leader, founds the United Farm Workers.
30199718thThe Catholic Church in France apologizes for its silence when Jews were deported under Vichy's pro-Nazi regime.