"Radical Members of the South Carolina Legislature"

"These are photographs of 63 members of the reconstructed South Carolina Legislature, 50 of whom are negroes or mulattoes and 13 white. 22 read and write (8 grammatically), the remainder (41) make their mark with the aid of amanuensis. Nineteen are taxpayers to an aggregate amount of $146.10. The rest (44) pay no taxes, and the body levies on the white people of the State for $4.000.000." Here are the members from left to right: Line 1 - Dusenberry, McKinlay, Dickson, Wilder, Hoyt, Randolph, Harris. Line 2 - Mayes, Jillson, Lomax, Jackson, Thomas, Webb, Bozeman, Tomlinson, Wright. Line 3 - Demars, Brodie, Hayes, Cain, Maxwell, Martin, Whipper, Miller. Line 4 - Rivers, Ducan, BOOZER, Smythe, Wright, MOSES, Sancho, Sanders, Nuckels. Line 5 - Millford, White, Barton, Boston, Shrewsbury, Mickey, Henderson, Howell, Hayne, Mobley, Hudson, Nash, Carmand. Line 6 - Smith, Pettengill, Hyde, Lee, Simonds, Chesnut, McDaniel, Williams, Gardner. Line 7 - Swails, Perrin, James, Johnston, Wimbush, Hayes, Farr, Meade, Thompson, and Rainey.

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J. G. Gibbes
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