"Prest. Johnson Making Treason Odious. (A Record of 1866)"

This 1866 cartoon satirizes President Andrew Johnson, who pardoned many Confederates after the Civil War. In the center of the cartoon, Johnson says to the devil "My Policy. I Johnson am the Law and the Power. I Veto. I will make Dead Ducks and tight fits. I will open the Doors of Congress for you." The devil has a bag labeled "C.S.A." and a bag of $10,000 in his hand. In the left hand corner a "Pardoned Reconstructed Rebel" shoots "Union men and Freedmen." In the right hand corner a shield labeled "E. Pluribus Johnson" sits on the floor beside some money bags labeled $5,000 and $20,000, and a jug of "Rebel Apple Jack." The spirit of Lincoln "the Great and Good" asks "Was it for this that ye Brave Soldiers and all of us have Suffered in this War!? Let Justice take the Helm."

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