"The End of the Rebellion in the United States"

This is the sequel to "The Outbreak of the Rebellion in the United States." Both lithographs were designed by Charles Kimmel and published by the New York firm of Kimmel & Forster, along with many other Civil War prints. In the center of the print, Columbia and Liberty stand on a pedestal, which is decorated by carvings of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. In front of the pedestal, Justice, armed with sword and scales, leads a charge of Union troops toward the right. Immediately behind Justice stands President Andrew Johnson, and behind him Union generals Butler, Grant, and Sherman are visible. In the foreground are a black soldier (left) and a freed slave (right), who kneels before Liberty's pedestal. Overhead an eagle carrying a thunderbolt flies towards the right, where the vanquished Confederates are gathered. Jefferson Davis (holding a sack of money), Robert E. Lee (offering his sword in surrender), and John Wilkes Booth (with a pistol and knife) are with the Confederates. In the distance is a leaning palmetto tree with a dead serpent wound around its branches, and in the distance Fort Sumter flying an American flag.

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