"Great Footrace for the Presidential Purse ($100,000 and Pickings) over the Union Course 1852"

This cartoon from the 1852 presidential campaign shows Daniel Webster racing ahead of Winfield Scott and Franklin Pierce. Webster says, "I can beat you both, and "walk in" at that although you had a hundred yards the start of me!!" Denied the Whig nomination in June, Webster was later persuaded to run as an independent candidate. Scott says, "Confound Webster! what does he want to get right in my way for? if he dont give out, or Pierce dont faint I shall be beaten." Franklin Pierce trails both of them, yelling, "No! No! old Fuss and Feathers [Scott's nickname], you dont catch this child fainting now. I'm going in to make good time! whether I win or not, Legs! do your duty." The cartoon must have been created between June 5, when Franklin Pierce won the Democratic nomination, and September, when Webster retired, an invalid, to his estate at Marshfield.

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