Spiegel Grove, Ohio, Home of Rutherford B. Hayes

The mansion on the twenty-five acre estate at Spiegel Grove was constructed by Hayes' uncle, Sardis Birchard, between 1859 and 1863, as a summer home to share with Rutherford and Lucy Hayes and their children. Since materials and labor were short during the Civil War, construction of the house took five years. Hayes moved his family to Spiegel Grove 1873, and lived there for only two years before leaving to serve as governor of Ohio and then president of the United States. To prepare for his post-presidential return to Spiegel Grove, Hayes had a substantial addition made, and the interior remodeled. Unfortunately, Mrs. Hayes died at Spiegel Grove before this construction was complete. President Hayes also died at Spiegel Grove, in January 1893.

1875 circa 15 years
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