The Senate of the 43rd Congress

Front row: John Gordon, William Windom, Lewis Bogy, Simon Cameron, Reuben Fenton, Matthew Carpenter, Daniel Pratt, Zachariah Chandler, John Scott, Phineas Hitchcock, Alexander Ramsey. Second row: George Goldthwaite, James Flanagan, George Dennis, Bainbridge Wadleigh, William Stewart, James Alcorn, George Wright, Thomas Robertson, Powell Clayton, Thomas Tipton, John Patterson, Aaron Cragin, Allen Thurman. Third row: W. J. McDonald, John Mitchell, James Harvey, John Ingalls, James Kelly, Henry Davis, John Stevenson, Matt Ransom, John Sherman, William Hamilton, Arthur Boreman, John Logan, Simon Conover. Last row: J. I. Christy, William Sprague, J. Robert French, I. Bassett, John Hager, Henry Pease. (There were many senators of the 43rd Congress who were not present for the photograph.)

1874 circa 5 years
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