"The Inauguration of General Zachary Taylor"

The lithograph depicts Zachary Taylor's inauguration on the steps of the capitol. Underneath the illustration are the words: "General Zachary Taylor was born in Orange county, Virginia, in the year 1790. Commissioned by Jefferson, 1808. 1812 had risen to the rank of Captain. The first notice we find in the history of Capt. Taylor, is the account of his splendid defense of Fort Harrison. This gallant achievement was duly appreciated by President Madison, who immediately promoted the intrepid commander to the rank of Major. In 1832, Taylor was advanced to the rank of Colonel. Victorious at Okeechobee, Dec. 25th, 1837. The same year he was promoted to the brevet rank of Brigadier General, with the chief command in Florida. Victorious at Palo Alto, May 8th, 1846. Victorious at Resaca de la Palma, May 9th, 1846. Stormed and captured the town of Monterey [sic], Sept. 24th, 1847. Victorious in the presidential campaign, 1848." The lithograph was engraved by Brightly & Keyser based on a sketch "drawn on the spot" by Wm. Croome.

March 04, 1849
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