"A Weak Ticket in the Field ... and a Weaker Expected"

This cartoon from "Puck," June 16, 1880, shows two pairs of contenders for president and vice president. From left to right are James Garfield, Republican, for president, labeled "troublesome record"; Chester Arthur, Republican, for vice president, labeled "peculiar record"; Samuel Tilden for president, labeled "slippery record"; and David Davis for vice president, labeled "mixed record." Underneath are the words "A Weak Ticket in the Field ... and a Weaker Expected. If the Republicans have done feebly at Chicago, what May We Expect of the Democrats at Cincinnati?" The final choices for the respective parties at the 1880 conventions were Republicans James Garfield and Chester Arthur, and Democrats Winfield S. Hancock and William H. English.

June 16, 1880
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