Joseph E. Johnston (1807-1891)

Joseph Eggleston Johnston was one of the most brilliant of the Confederate generals. He was a West Point graduate (1829) who resigned his position as brigadier general in April 1861 to join the Confederate Army. Johnston's quick action at 1st Bull Run turned a defeat into a victory. He was appointed full general, but the fact that he was placed fourth among other generals caused a lifetime feud with Jefferson Davis. Jefferson Davis, unhappy at Johnston's inability to stop the Union Army, relieved him of his command in 1864. Once Sherman marched through Georgia and headed into the Carolinas, the Confederates cried out for Johnston. Davis relented in 1865. Unfortunately Johnston did not have enough troops and had to surrender on April 16, 1865. Unfortunately, petty bickering over rank and frequent wounds marred Johnston's service to the Confederacy. This is a photograph of him in his Confederate uniform.

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