Edwin Forrest (1806-1872)

Forrest was the earliest American-born actor of great rank. He made his debut in Philadelphia at the age of fourteen. In 1826 Forrest made his first appearance in New York, playing Othello to great popular acclaim. Visiting Europe he played Spartacus at Drury Lane, winning the hearts of London. In 1849 Forrest was indirectly implicated in the Astor Place Riot. Also in 1849 Forrest and his wife engaged in a bitter divorce, ending in scandal. Wealthy but miserable, Forrest alternated periods of acting with morose isolation in his Philadelphia mansion, where he was found dead in 1872. As an actor, Forrest was more physical than cerebral. This is an early daguerreotype.

1845 circa 5 years
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Photographic Print
Mathew Brady
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