Elmer Ephraim Ellsworth (1837-1861)

Ellsworth entered the law office of Abraham Lincoln, but devoted himself principally to the presidential campaign. Ellsworth accompanied Lincoln to Washington. When the Civil War broke out Ellsworth went to New York and recruited a regiment of volunteer firemen. He dressed and drilled them after the manner of the French Zouaves. During the occupation of Alexandria, May 24, 1861, Ellsworth saw a Confederate flag flying. He went to the roof and took it down with his own hands. He was shot dead by the owner of the building. His death was the first to occur in the war and profoundly shocked the country. Lincoln gave him a state funeral in the East Room. This photo was owned by the actress Gertrude Kellogg who wrote on the back: "Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth killed May 24, 1861." This is the front of an ambrotype. There is also a print of the back of the card.

1860 circa 5 years
Original Format:
Photographic Print
Maker Unknown
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