David Glasgow Farragut (1801-1870)

David Glasgow Farragut was the most famous admiral of the Civil War. Farragut's adoptive father obtained for him a position as midshipman at the age of nine. In 1825 he obtained his lieutenancy and in 1841 became a commander. When his home state, Virginia, seceded in 1861, Farragut moved his family to New York. In 1862 Farragut led his fleet down the Mississippi in a bold and unorthodox strategy, taking New Orleans. This magnificent victory made him the preeminent officer of the navy. In 1864 his assignment was to capture the Confederate defenses in Mobile Bay. After one ship went down, Farragut ordered the others to proceed and cried out the famous phrase, "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" The battle of Mobile Bay was the greatest victory of Farragut's life. In 1866 he was commissioned admiral. His stature in the U.S. was comparable to that of Nelson in the British navy.

1861 circa 5 years
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