"Heights of Monterey [sic], From the Saltillo Road Looking Towards the City from the West"

This painting by Daniel Powers Whiting shows troops entering Monterrey during the Mexican War. Underneath the lithograph six numbered items are listed; each one corresponds to a small number on the bottom and sides of the lithograph. The items are: "1. Independance [sic] (or Castle) Hill; 2. Lt. Col. Duncan's Battery of Light Artillery throwing shells at the routed Mexican Cavalry; 3. City of Monterey [sic]; 4. 'Sierra Silla' Saddle Mountain; 5. Rancho, (or village) of St. Jeronimo; 6. Federation Hill; First position carried by assault on the afternoon of 21st Septr." An additional note reads "N.B. The second Division was composed of one Regt. of Texas Cavalry: two Co's. of Texn. Rangers, two Batteries of Lt. Artillery, the 'Artly. Battalion,' the 5th. 7th. and 8th. Reg'ts. of Infantry, and one Company of Louisiana Volunteers." The hand-colored lithograph was drawn on stone by Frederick Swinton and published in the 1847 book "Army Portfolio" by G. & W. Endicott.

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