"Battle of Palo Alto"

The Battle of Palo Alto, on May 8th, 1846, was the first battle of the Mexican War. General Zachary Taylor's army of under 3,000 men defeated Mexico's army of 6,000 which was commanded by General Mariano Arista (1802-1855). While Zachary Taylor went on become president of the United States, Mariano Arista went on to become president of Mexico. This print is the first in a series of twelve lithographs entitled "War Between the United States and Mexico Illustrated." The American army is in the foreground, and the American officer on the white horse on the right is probably General Zachary Taylor on his favorite horse, "Old Whitey." The Mexican army is in the distance. This hand-colored lithograph was engraved by Bayot after a drawing by Carl Nebel as an illustration for George Wilkins Kendall's 1851 book "The War Between the United States and Mexico Illustrated."

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