Christopher Raymond Perry Rodgers (1819-1892)

Christopher Raymond Perry Rodgers was a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War. In 1861 he was detached from the Naval Academy and given command of the Wabash. Rodgers acted in conjunction with the army in bombarding Fort Pulaski and even fought in the trenches. Rodgers served on board the New Ironsides during the battle of Charleston in 1863 and was lavishly praised by Admiral Du Pont. Ordered to the "Iroquois," he sought the "Shenandoah" and other Confederate privateers in European, South American, and Indian waters. In France, Rodgers changed into civilian clothes and inspected boats the French were building for the Confederates. Rodgers was promoted to rear admiral in 1874. From 1874 to 1878 he was superintendent of the Naval Academy and established high ideals, as well as instituting rules against hazing and smoking.

1863 circa 5 years
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