Madge Robertson, Mrs. W. H. Kendal (1848-1935)

Dame Margaret Kendal, born Margaret Shafto Robertson, was a preeminent English actress. She and her husband, William Hunter Kendal, brought new respectability to the theater. Dame Kendal began acting as a child, but her adult fame came with her 1865 debut as Ophelia in "Hamlet," in London. The actress had a wide emotional spectrum: she could play Desdemona and Lady Macbeth as flawlessly as she performed in variety shows. Robertson usually outshone her husband on stage; William Kendal was an astute businessman who chose plays that would display his wife's talents. From 1879 to 1888 they managed the St. James' Theatre in London, with great success. The couple retired from the stage in 1908 and in 1926 Madge Kendal was created Dame Commander of the British Empire. In this photo she appears to be costumed as a queen.

1885 circa 15 years
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