Marie Aimee

Marie Aimee, a singer from France, gained tremendous popularity as an opera-bouffe star. In 1870 she performed "Barbe Bleue" and "Les Brigands" (New York's Grand Opera House) and in 1871 other greats, such as "La Perichole," "La Belle Helene," and "La Grande Duchesse" (Grand Opera House and Lina Edwin's Theatre). Aimee's voice was extremely well trained and the New York "Herald" raved that she "seems to begin and end in the words ' chic' and 'élan.'" By 1873 the fickle audience had tired of opera-bouffe, and when Aimee added new plays to her repertoire in 1874 at the Lyceum Theatre - "La Fille de Mme Angot," "Les Cent Vierges," "Le Petit Faust," "La Timbale d'Argent" - the public remained indifferent. The performer appears on this carte de visite, from the Howell studio in New York, wearing her costume from "La Perichole."

1869 circa 5 years
Original Format:
Carte de Visite
William R. Howell (New York)
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