Lester Wallack (1820-1888) and James William Wallack, Jr. (1818-1873)

Lester Wallack was a well-known actor, playwright, director and theatrical manager. He made his debut in 1847 at the Broadway Theatre in New York under the name of John Wallack Lester, because he did not want his career to be affected by his famous father, James William Wallack. But in 1852 he joined his father's company, Wallack's Lyceum, where he was a manager and a lead actor. Wallack's Theatre was built in 1861 and when the elder Wallack died in 1864 the son succeeded him as theater proprietor. James William Wallack, who was named after his famous uncle, made his stage debut in "Pizarro" at the Chestnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia. In 1851 he made his London debut at the Haymarket Theatre, as Othello. Returning to the U.S., he appeared throughout the country, starring in lead roles. He was the son of Henry John Wallack, a famous English actor. Here the two young cousins pose in a beer-drinking scene.

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