Amelia Greene, Mrs. Legge Stone Bannister

Amelia Greene enjoyed a long career as an actress. As early as 1799 she performed in Charleston as Mrs. Legge. In 1821 Mrs. Legge, member of New York's City Theatre Company, married the actor and talented playwright, John Augustus Stone. The couple had two boys, Christopher Lucius and Henry, both of whom followed their parents into acting careers. From 1825-28 the actress belonged to the Lafayette Amphitheatre company and became a leading lady. Mrs. Stone then joined the Bowery company in 1831. Despondent because of poverty despite the success of his many plays, Mr. Stone committed suicide in 1834 by throwing himself into a river, leaving his widow and two sons. In 1837 the actress reappeared on stage as the wife of Nathaniel Harrington Bannister, another actor and playwright. Mrs. Bannister starred in three of her husband's plays, "Infidelity" (1837), "Gaulantus" (1839), and "The Destruction of Jerusalem" (1839). She became an active member of the New Chatham Theatre company

1850 circa 5 years
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