Phoebe Couzins (1839?-1913)

Phoebe Wilson Couzins was one of the first women lawyers in the U.S., a lecturer and a woman's rights advocate. In 1871, Couzins was the third woman in the United States to graduate from a law school. Establishing a practice in St. Louis, she wrote articles for Stanton and Anthony's publication, "The Revolution." Then, instead of practicing law, she rose to prominence as a national woman suffragist. Like Stanton and Anthony she opposed the Fifteenth Amendment. Couzins was described as a riveting orator and lectured across the United States. In 1884 she testified before the House Judicial Committee on the legal status of women. In 1887 Couzins became the first woman U.S. Marshal in the country. From 1897 to 1909 Couzins bizarrely reversed her position and opposed women's suffrage. She became an anti-prohibition lobbyist and lecturer. Couzins died in bitter loneliness and poverty.

1870 circa 5 years
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