Ella Dietz

Ella Dietz was a popular nineteenth-century actress. Her first stage appearance was in 1870, performing a reading at Brooklyn's Plymouth Church, as Mrs. E. M. Clymer. In 1872 Dietz made a huge splash as Mme Schopp in "Le Roi Carotte," a Daly musical extravaganza at New York's Grand Opera House. The critics raved that Dietz was so beautiful no one noticed the eruption of Vesuvius or destruction of Pompeii onstage. The actress continued with the Daly company during the 72-73 season. In this photo, taken at the Sarony studio in New York, Dietz wears an elaborate and unusual dress and carries lilies in her hands.

1870 circa 5 years
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Carte de Visite
Napoleon Sarony
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