Cora Cushing

Cora Cushing was a "walkist." In the nineteenth century many people cultivated walkism - competitions and championships to see who could go the farthest on foot (without sleep). Women were as welcome as men to participate. New York's Pedestrian Hall opened on February 19, 1879, with a walking match between Florence Levanion and Cushing - they were to walk 3,000 quarter miles in 3,000 quarter hours. There is no record of the outcome. In March of that same year Cushing participated in the "Ladies' Six-Day Tournament." The New York "Herald" later sneered that "the robust laundry maid" had quit before finishing. Here Cushing's short skirt announces a woman's need to keep her legs free while striding. She sports several medals. Cushing - a celebrity - poses at the famous Sarony studio in New York City, circa 1870.

1870 circa 5 years
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Napoleon Sarony
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