Cora L. V. Hatch (1840-1923)

Cora L. V. (Lodencia Veronica) Scott was a Spiritualist trance medium and writer. A country girl, she ended her education at age eleven to serve Spiritualism and began making public appearances at age fifteen. The young woman was able to speak extemporaneously at great length and with impressive erudition on any topic assigned to her, whether philosophical or scientific. Her speeches were recorded phonographically. An unscrupulous man named Hatch convinced sixteen-year-old Cora to marry him and became her manager, charging exorbitant prices for her appearances and overworking her. He became so abusive that Cora fled him, fearing for her life, and obtained a divorce. Cora Hatch's first volume of lectures and poetry was published in 1858 and her second in 1859. For fifty years she served as pastor of the First Spiritualist Society of Chicago, lecturing and teaching classes. Hatch's demonstration of trance psychic power had never been matched.

1865 circa 5 years
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