Percy Wyndham (1833-1879)

Sir Percy Wyndham, an English adventurer, was colonel in the 1st New Jersey Cavalry. Before joining the Union Army he fought for France, Austria, and for Garibaldi. It was McClellan who placed Wyndham in the New Jersey Cavalry. Wyndham's most outstanding performance was at the Battle of Brandy Station in 1863, where he charged his men into the enemy, fighting hand to hand, then ordered them to fight their way back out. Wyndham was shot in the leg and was forced to retire to Washington. He died in India when a gigantic balloon in which he was flying burst in midair and sent him plunging to his death. This photo shows Wyndham's conspicuous mustache, which grew outward nearly ten inches on each side and waved in the wind. He is photographed here wearing his Union uniform and holding his sword.

1863 circa 5 years
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Mathew Brady
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