Gertrude Kellogg (1843-1903)

Gertrude Kellogg was a prominent New York actress. She began her career as a "reader," giving recitations in churches. By 1873 the actress was active in Mrs. Conway's company in Brooklyn, playing such roles as Desdemona. The "Music and the Drama" journal praised her for her performance as Laura Hawkins in Mark Twain's play, "The Gilded Age," at the Park Theatre in 1874. Throughout the 70s and 80s the actress was known for her performances as Galatea, Goneril, Elizabeth, and the Queen in "Hamlet." Kellogg was the sister of Fanny Kellogg, the American concert singer. This carte de visite is dated "1862-1863," years before the actress became well known.

1862 circa 5 years
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Carte de Visite
Jose Mora
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