Marie Seebach (1830-1897)

Marie Seebach was a German actress, daughter of the actor Wilhelm Friedrich Seebach. After playing soubrette roles throughout Germany she had her first great success in Hamburg as Gretchen in Goethe's "Faust." Seebach established herself as a tragedienne playing Jane Eyre and Adrienne Lecouvreur. From 1855 to 1866 the actress performed for the court theater in Hanover. She married the famous tenor Albert Niemann in 1859. Seebach toured the U.S. in 1870-71, doing more than 100 performances in seventeen cities, mostly in "Faust." Seebach accepted a permanent position in Berlin in 1886. At Weimar in 1895 she founded a home for impoverished actors and actresses. Seebach retired from the stage in 1897.

1870 circa 5 years
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