Lotti Wilmot

Lotti Wilmot was a Spiritualist medium, actress, theater manager, feminist, writer, and lecturer. From 1871 to 1873 she appeared at the Adelphi Theatre in London, performing in several farces (Mrs. Croaker in "Area Belle," Miss Spanker in "Autumn Manoeuvres," Rosa in "Irish Tutor," and Miss Dotts in "The Milliner's Holiday). Wilmot also played in one drama (Julia in "The Adventures of Fritz"). In 1882 she published a pamphlet entitled "New Zealand Beds: A Sequel to Beds I Have Slept In," part monologue and part diary about the controversies in which she was involved during a stay in New Zealand. In it Wilmot affords the reader an unusual description of the country, particularly its prostitutes, strippers, and cross-dressers. Wilmot made nocturnal visits to brothels to gain ammunition against the pillars of society, she supported Spiritualist and Freethought causes, and she manipulated the media and the courts to protect herself from a vengeful Protestant establishment. Here Lotti Wilmot poses for the photographer with her hair down, gazing at herself in a mirror.

1872 circa 5 years
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