John W. Albaugh (1837-1909)

John W. Albaugh, Sr. was an actor. At age sixteen he played the part of Portia in the "Merchant of Venice." In 1855 Albaugh performed Hamlet and Brutus. Albaugh's New York debut was at the Chambers Street Theatre, New York, in 1857. In 1866 he married the actress Mary Mitchell and they played leading parts together. Albaugh was said to be the finest Iago in the U.S. In 1894 he gave his final performance, as Macbeth, with Helen Modjeska, in Washington D.C. At various points Albaugh managed the Holliday Street Theatre, the Lyceum in Baltimore, the National Theatre in Washington D.C., and Albaugh's Grand Opera House in Washington, D.C., as well as theaters in smaller towns.

1870 circa 5 years
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