"Abraham Lincoln and His Pall Bearers"

This is a set of oval photographic portraits of Lincoln's pall bearers, April 19, 1865. The names of all 22 men are readable on the print. Senate: Lafayette Foster, Edwin D. Morgan, Reverdy Johnson, Richard Yates, Benjamin Wade, John Conness. Army: U. S. Grant, H. W. Halleck, W. A. Nichols. Civilians: Orville Browning, George Ashmun, Thomas Corwin, Simon Cameron. Marine Corp: J. Zelin. Navy: D. Farragut, W. S. Shubrick. House of Representatives: Henry Worthington, Elihu Washburn, Green Clay Smith, Schuyler Colfax, Henry Dawes, Andrew [sic] Coffroth.

1865 circa 5 years
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Photographic Print
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