Louis Blanc (1811-1882)

Louis Blanc was a French writer, socialist politician, and historian. He fought to create a new social vision: "Let each produce according to his aptitudes … let each consume according to his need." As a member of the provisional French government of 1848, he became implicated in worker insurrection and fled to England. In 1871 Blanc returned to become a member of the French national assembly. A prolific author, he wrote "The Organization of Work" (1840), the 5-volume "History of Ten Years, 1830-40" (1844-45), and the 13-volume "History of the French Revolution" (1847-62). Marx labeled the Frenchman's philosophy "utopian socialism." Here Blanc poses at the Mayall studio in London.

1860 circa 5 years
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Carte de Visite
Mayall Bros. (London)
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