F. A. Bridgman (1847-1928)

F. A. (Fredrick Arthur) Bridgman was a U.S. painter who excelled in the Orientalist genre during the early years of American Orientalism. He produced dramatically colorful and exotic scenes from Algeria, North Africa, Egypt, and the Arab world, populated by Western notions of the Oriental - snake charmers, belly dancers, and turbaned heads. In 1866 Bridgman established his home in Paris, where he studied with Jean-Leon Gerome. In the 1870s and 80s the young American knew great fame and generous patronage. Bridgman was also a poet, violinist, and composer. The painter poses here at the Aimé Dupont studio in Paris

1870 circa 5 years
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Carte de Visite
Aime Dupont
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