Rutherford B. Hayes (1822-1893)

Hayes was the nineteenth president of the United States. In the presidential election, he lost the popular vote by a narrow margin to his Democratic opponent Samuel Tilden, but the electoral counts in three Southern states (Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina) were called into question. Some Democratic ballots were disqualified on grounds of intimidation of voters, and a Republican majority in the three states was announced. However, Democrats responded by sending rival sets of votes to be counted, arguing that they had been defrauded. At that point, an Electoral Commission was set up, which announced Hayes the winner. Democrats then employed filibustering techniques until the Republicans agreed to remove federal troops supporting Republican regimes in the South, thereby ending Reconstruction. Republicans agreed to the removal of troops only if Democrats agreed to respect the civil rights of blacks. Hayes was then finally inaugurated.

1880 circa 5 years
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