Collage of Confederate Military Leaders

These are fifty one Confederate officers of the army and navy as well as statesmen in a carte de visite by C. D. Fredricks including: 1. Leonidas Polk; 2. Edmund Kirby Smith; 3. Humphrey Marshall; 4. Mansfield Lovell; 5. Felix Kirk Zollicoffer; 6. William Joseph Hardee; 7. Earl Van Dorn; 8. Sterling Price; 9. George Nichols Hollins; 10. Paul Jones Semmes; 11. General Simmons; 12. Ambrose Powell Hill; 13. Roger Atkinson Pryor; 14. James Murray Mason; 15. James Longstreet; 16. James Lawrence Orr; 17. Braxton Bragg; 18. James Ewell Brown Stuart; 19. William Lowndes Yancey; 20. Joseph Eggleston Johnston; 21. John Buchanan Floyd; 22. John Letcher; 23. Ben McCulloch; 24. Consul Helm (Havana); 25. Samuel Houston; 26. John Newland Maffit; 27. Governor Morehead; 28. Senator de Jarnette; 29. Honorable J. B. Clay; 30. Colonel Washington; 31. Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson; 32. Jefferson Finis Davis; 33. Robert Edward Lee; 34. John Cabell Breckinridge; 35. Judah Philip Benjamin; 36. Albert Pike; 37. Howell Cobb; 38. Senator Gwin; 39. Mosby Monroe Parsons; 40. George Thomas Anderson; 41. Alexander Hamilton Stephens; 42. John Slidell; 43. Benjamin Franklin Cheatam; 44. Fitzhugh Lee; 45. Albert Sidney Johnson; 46. Merriwether Jeff Thompson; 47. Simon Bolivar Buckner; 48. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard; 49. Robert Augustus Toombes; 50. General John Morgan; 51. Pilot of the Alabama.

1863 circa 5 years
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Carte de Visite
C. D. Fredricks & Co.
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